Monday, January 19, 2009

A Las Vegan in Lakefield


In some of our lives we make rash decisions to escape the quality and type of living in one location and brave a new world of complexity and complaining in another. Some move from the country to the city for a more exciting time—fancier stores, restaurants and parties. Others move from the city—with its crime and vice—to the country for a slower pace and to find more genuine neighbors. In either case, as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.
When my wife of nearly five years and I with our two little girls were packing up a moving truck in Las Vegas it started to snow. My response—apprehensive laughter. My wife had lived for most of her life in St. Paul. Suddenly I felt like I was heading for a trap. No! Turn around; there is still time to back out of this!
I wasn’t sure if the snow was more representative of Vegas laughing at me or Minnesota preparing us for what was to come. In any rate, who moves from the glamour and glitz of Las Vegas to a Minnesota town of less than 2,000 in the middle of December?
In honesty, it may be that I preferred the indecision that is allowed while living with the in-laws. I just polished up five years of undergraduate school for which I was awarded two degrees and three seconds in the limelight to shake hands with some unfamiliar old man dressed in a funny outfit.
When I am not out exploring new ways to walk on ice or counting the different kinds of cold and snow, I am arguing with my family about serious socio-political issues like whether it is called soda or pop. By the way, I won that argument, it is definitely called soda.
Family and Friendship is enough for this 26 year old Southwestern. And though I find myself in a strange land filled with funny accents, I love walking in the snow—anticipating spring.
Remember: God, Family, Love and Laughter always bring us through the winter.